Sunday, 11th January 2009



“Winter” Walk



It has become a tradition to

start our yearly events with a healthy walk! – To burn some of the excessive calories, we go for a walk of approx. two hours in any weather. We meet at the Zentrum Schmitte, Lengnau i.e. next to the Synagogue. There is a “Beiz” on the way.


For further information, contact Penny and Hans Maag phone 056 241 13 56


NB. If “Non-Walkers” want to join us for a drink we will be at the Restaurant Weisser Wind Freienwil at about 14:30.





English-Speaking Club  Baden/Brugg


President          Andy Schmid                 056/241 18 53

Secretary          Heidi Mislin                   056/443 26 88

Treasurer           Hans Maag                    056/241 13 56

Membership Secretary

Penny Maag                  056/241 13 56

Extra Member    Trevor Dury                    056/245 65 86

Extra Member   Gaby Meier                    056/281 26 38

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