Badenfahrt 1977


After the success of the Musiläum in 1975, the club was enthusiastic about taking part in a "real" Badenfahrt.

which was scheduled to take place between 12th and 21st August under the motto "Im Wasser sind zwöi Liebi".

Once again we felt that we didn't have the resources to take part in the two parades, but the club was offered

a pitch once again in the Kurpark. Because of the "water" theme, we decided to build a "Water Mill" pub.

We actually had a water wheel turning on the side of the building.

One of the main attractions of this Badenfahrt was the Festspiel "Siegawyn & Ethelfrieda" which took place on

three stages and ramps, one of which passed by our pub. During intermissions actors took a break by the pub. (see photos).


Such was the enthusiasm of the Club to get on with it that the construction of the pub was started before the official kick-off - s reported in the Badener Tagblatt for Friday 22nd July.