English-Speaking Club Baden/Brugg
Programme, November 2014 to April 2015

Here is a summary of the programme. Follow the links for details of individual events:

Date Time Event Type Link
    Front Page, November 2014 to April 2015 Programme   pdf
Sunday, 16th November, 2014 16:00/17:30 Metzgete Restaurant pdf
Tuesday, 9th December, 2014 18:30 Christmas Dinner Restaurant pdf
Sunday, 11th January, 2015 13:00 Walk, Uf der Nurre Walk pdf
Monday, 19th January, 2015 19:30 40th Annual General Meeting AGM pdf
Sunday, 8th February, 2015 13:30 Walk with a Hunter Walk pdf
Wednesday, 18th February, 2015 14:00 Louis Widmer, Schlieren Factory Visit pdf
Saturday, 7th March, 2015 18:00 Burns Supper Dinner/Dance pdf
Wednesday, 25th March, 2015 20:00 Kallmet Region, Albania Talk pdf
Sunday, 12th April, 2015 14:30 Vindonissa Museum, Brugg Guided Tour pdf
Sunday, 26th April, 2015 14:00 Spring Walk Walk pdf
Friday to Sunday, 2nd to 4th October, 2015   Federation Weekend 2015   pdf

Here are some other items of interest from the printed programme. Follow the links for more information:

Date Event Link
Saturday, 8th November, 2014 St Andrew's Annual Bazaar pdf
Monday, 15th December, 2014 Christmas Carol Service pdf
Tuesday, 21st January, 2015 American Dreams & Nightmares (Theatre) pdf
Saturday, 21st February, 2015 King Arthur (Musical Theatre) pdf
The Committee pdf
Membership Information pdf
Liability Disclaimer pdf

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