English-Speaking Club Baden/Brugg
Programme, June to November 2021

Here is a summary of the programme. Follow the links for details of individual events:

Date Time Event Type Link
    Front Page, June to November 2021 Programme   pdf
Saturday, 3rd July 12:00 Revival: SUMMER PARTY! Party pdf
Saturday, 14th August 13:45 Guided Tour of Olten Tour pdf
Saturday, 28th August 14:15 Legionärspfad Vindonissa Guided Tour pdf
Sunday, 26th September 13:15 SBB Historic Gebäude, Windisch Guided Tour pdf
Sunday, 10th October 13:30 Gipsgrueb Ehrendingen Walk pdf
Saturday, 30th October 18:00 Cheese Fondue Meal pdf
Saturday, 13th November 14:00 Landesmuseum, Zürich Museum Visit pdf

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